Out to Lunch

In Out To Lunch, I take the biggest names to the best restaurants. We order food. Usually, we order wine. And then I ask the questions we all really want answered. And my guests talk. Really talk. Because if there’s one thing my many years as a restaurant critic have taught me it’s that people relax over a great meal. Listening to an episode of Out To Lunch is like eavesdropping on the greatest dinner table chat. Across over 90 episodes so far, I’ve lunched with everyone from Stanley Tucci to Minnie Driver; Guy Garvey to Miriam Margolyes and Prof Mary Beard; Mel C, Nish Kumar, Stephen Fry, Gregory Porter and David Harewood. I’m delighted to say it’s had millions of listens and is now a regular fixture in the UK Podcast Top 50. You can listen wherever you get your podcasts and it’s completely free.

And if you like your podcasts to be uncluttered, you can become a subscriber through Apple Podcasts for £1.79 a month and get every episode ad free. Plus, you’ll get a special once-a-month bonus episode called Out To Lunch: The Cheese Course, in which I sit down with a previous guest over some of the finest dairy products known to humanity for a catch up.

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The Kitchen Cabinet

The Kitchen Cabinet is BBC Radio 4’s award winning flagship food panel show. Each episode I lead my panel of inventive, curious and downright greedy food writers and cooks through the knottier culinary questions on everyone’s minds. They can run from the seemingly simple: what’s the best way to poach an egg? Do I need to sieve my flour?  To the nerdy: how can I get turmeric stains out of my shirt when I splash myself with curry? How should I get the most out of this jar of tahini that’s been hanging about in my fridge? Each episode is packed full of recipe ideas, food facts and historical and scientific food knowledge.

It’s on BBC Radio 4 at 10.30am on Saturdays and available, during the run of a series, on BBC Sounds, or as a podcast.