Yes. I have OUT TO LUNCH merch.

Hello fabulous listeners to Out To Lunch, or what I like to call THE BEST INTERVIEW PODCAST IN THE UNIVERSE AND I’LL PUNCH ANYONE WHO ARGUES. For those who haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, where have you been? Have a precis: I interview brilliant people over brilliant food. Pre-lockdown that was in a restaurant; right now it’s over a video link and a take-away. I’ve talked to a glorious array of guests from Richard E Grant to Dita Von Teese, Kathy Burke to Romesh Ranganathan, Gary Neville to Mel C. Have a link.

Each episode lasts around 40 minutes. But now the Out To Lunch joy has been extended, courtesy of some proper quality merchandise. There’s a sturdy cooking apron in hard-wearing denim, embroidered with my name so you can wear me on your hip. There’s a travel mug so you can stop wasting those throw-away coffee cups, while displaying your love for me at the same time. And there’s a tea towel so you can wipe your finest kitchen wear dry with me. What more could you possibly want? Seriously. What else could you possibly want. You can find it all here.

Look at those rivets. Look at that embroidery. Look at the brown splodge just above the O, which is chocolate, cos I was wearing it to cook.
What am I doing? Just sipping from the first bespoke Out To Lunch travel cup.

So there you have it: proper well-made merchandise, branded to your favourite podcast. Buy these items because you love me, or because someone you know loves me, or because someone you know detests me and it would really piss them off. Honestly, I don’t mind why you buy them. And once you have bought them why not tweet me a pic of these fabulous, bespoke items in use. Over there I’m @jayrayner1. Meanwhile have another link to the sales page.

Love, Jay x

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