MY LAST SUPPER: One Meal, A Lifetime In The Making – brand new live show


Imagine you are about to die.

You have one meal left.

What are you going to have?

It’s the question I have been asked most often by audiences across the UK. I’ve been asked it so often that finally I decided the time had come to investigate the concept of the last supper and why it intrigues us so. Is it because of the opportunity it presents us with to let our appetites run riot? Or is it because it’s a greedy way in which to tell the story of our own lives? And if so, what would a man like me who, for two decades, has made a living eating out in restaurants, choose to put on the menu?

In this cracking new show, based on my new book of the same name, I’ll dig deep into our fascination with last suppers and tell the stories of the killer dishes that would end up on my table: how I was introduced to oysters by my late mother; how I almost burnt down a hotel because of my love for snails in bubbling garlic butter; of the many ways by which the mighty pig has fed me over the years. There will also be something in there about a Dutch brothel, a bubble bath, and a decision made on the roll of the dice. It’s complicated.

Plus, I’ll get you, the audience, to design your own last meal.

The tour kicks off in London on September 9, 2019, with a premiere in association with Guardian Live, at the mighty Cadogan Hall. After that I’ll be in Nottingham, Bristol, Birmingham, Bury St Edmunds, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast (with a show in Gateshead in December as part of a new literary festival, To be announced). For all ticket links go here.

Join me, as we sit down together at the table, for the meal to end all meals.

My Last Supper: One meal, a lifetime in the making. it’s a show to die for.

This live show is a companion piece to my new book, My Last Supper: One Meal, a lifetime in the making, to be published by Guardian Faber on September 5, 2019. You can pre-order that here. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on the cover.

22 comments on “MY LAST SUPPER: One Meal, A Lifetime In The Making – brand new live show

  1. Chris on

    Any chance of a visit to Norwich? Even just to see if Shiki Sushi is still as good as the last time you were in town?

  2. Kathryn on

    Oh no! You’re not coming back to the Isle of Man? PLEASE reconsider. I loved ‘The ten (food) commandments’, and was super-excited about your new show – until I realized that you weren’t bringing it here. Boo!

  3. Kathryn on

    Please, please come back to the Isle of Man with your new show, ‘My Last Supper’. Surely there’s a chance you can fit in another visit to us? Here’s hoping…

  4. Maki on

    Hello, I’m really looking forward to seeing your show in Birmingham next week. Would you tell me how long the show may be running for… I’m a little bit worried I may miss my last train back home in which case I may book a hotel room for the night. Not saying that I want you to shorten the show…..

  5. Ella Smith on

    Hi , so looking forward to the show ,in Manchester…
    In a few weeks…I saw you on Sunday Brunch talking about the show and booked it !!!
    Can’t wait
    Ella Smith x

  6. Rebecca on

    Only just started listening to your podcast. Doh, missed the tour (apart from Edinburgh or Belfast). Can I be notified if you do it again?

  7. Andy on

    Great night at Manchester HOME tonight with Jay Rayner. The show zipped by in no time. Some great stories and anecdotes. Very amusing and insightful. Highly recommended.
    Rayners review of Kala in Manchester was absolutely spot on (thanks). Went for my birthday in September and it was terrific. The food was exceptional.

  8. pam on

    suitable for ‘foodie’ children? Will be on holiday in Ireland when you are on in Dublin so would love to catch your show but would have an 8 year old in tow…she loves snails though!!

    • Jay Rayner on

      Hi. On these things I always think it’s your judgement call because you know your child. There’s a couple of adult bits. One refers to something broadcast on breakfast television in the 1980s, so the BBC concluded it was for family consumption. The other involves something I wrote about in Cosmopolitan magazine. Normally we say 14+, but as I say that’s more caution on the side of venues. I would have been happy for either of my kids to see it aged 8, but then I have robust views on not hiding the adult world away. Hope that helps Jay


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