My Last Supper: One meal, a lifetime in the making. The menu

The cover image of my new book, below, is BIG for a reason. It’s designed to fill the whole of your screen, be it mobile, tablet or desktop so you can’t see the text below it, unless you actively scroll down.

Why? Because this page has been designed for those who’ve already read My Last Supper: One meal, a lifetime in the making, know what every dish is and now want to get their hands on the ingredients.

Reading it before you’ve read the book won’t exactly ruin the experience, but I do think it’s more fun this way. So… if you’ve finished reading and now want to know about the good stuff, scroll down.

And the rest of you, read the book. To which end, let me help you.

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MY LAST SUPPER: One Meal a lifetime in the making


Andrew Rooney’s Oysters, from Kilkeel, Northern Ireland


Thunderbird Blue Label


Escargot de Bourgogne

after a recipe by Simon Hopkinson published in The Prawn Cocktail Years by Simon Hopkinson and Lindsey Bareham, Macmillan Books, 2005.


Country White Sourdough by Brick House Bakery

Salted butter by Abernethy Butter


Montes Reserva Chardonnay 2017


Bacon sandwiches made with back and streaky bacon from Hannan Meats,

Moira, Northern Ireland.


Chips made using Pierre Koffman’s Potatoes for Chefs


Salad of Cos lettuce and Spring onions dressed with Kressi White Wine Herb Vinegar

Available from


Henry Harris’s Mont Blanc


Blood and Pus

(Advocaat and cherry brandy)


3 comments on “My Last Supper: One meal, a lifetime in the making. The menu

  1. Dawn Kirk on

    I received this book as a Christmas present (2019) and read it in the week before New Year. Not only is is a deeply interesting book, it it full of wit humour and the expected bluntness of the author. As a resident of Northern Ireland, I am truly delighted that Jay has highlighted some of our best produce. Kilkeel oysters are nearby, as is Abernathy butter and Hannan meat is the best ever. Thank you.

  2. Mike McCauley on

    I was not prepared for the tears that flowed as I read this wonderful book. At one point tears of laughter prevented me from reading, at another tears flowed reading about Jerry. My Last Supper….what a wonderful ride! Thank you!


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