Bettys: restaurant review

They may not know much about rosti or chicken schnitzel, but theres much about Bettys to make a man crumble

1 Parliament Street, Harrogate (01423 814 070). Meal for two, with drinks and service, £40-£80

Its late at night and I am lying in a hotel bed with a tart. Dont judge me. You have no idea how lonely this life on the road can be. I have needs. I have desires. And this tart is more than ready to satisfy them. I refuse to feel any guilt. In this I am aided, of course, by the fact that the tart in question is of the Yorkshire curd variety. God, Im so bloody rock n roll, lying here trying not to get perfect shortcrust pastry down my chest. But that instinct to fastidiousness yeah, as if! is overwhelmed by pure greed. The shameless alchemy of sweetened cheese with the currants and the hit of citrus from the lemon curd, is a beautiful thing.

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