Big Easy: restaurant review | Jay Rayner

Housed in a former power station in London’s Covent Garden, Big Easy adds real fire power to its brand of American BBQ

12 Maiden Lane, London WC2 (020 3728 4888). Meal for two, including drinks and service: £80

Chaps, a word of advice: if you’re eating at the new outpost of the Big Easy group in London’s Covent Garden, pee beforehand. Calling it a schlep to the men’s bogs is a little like saying Kerry Katona doesn’t mind talking about her private life occasionally. Even our waiter told my companion to “take a packed lunch”. Down and down you go, through brick-walled rooms painted black, past industrial-strength blast doors and riveted girders, evidence that this really was once the power station that lit the first electric lights in London’s West End. “Blimey,” my friend said, when he returned. “I could have caught a Piccadilly Line train from down there.”

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