Cilla Black: ‘I never thought I’d be on TV’

The veteran presenter looks back on 50 years in front of the cameras, and talks about her many highs and lows, being a ‘mother hen’ and how she turned her back on Blind Date

For a moment it seems as if Cilla Black is about to cause a major storm. It’s so unlikely. Throughout her career Cilla and you always are on first-name terms with Cilla has proved herself a genius at putting everyone at their ease. She was the queen of Saturday night TV, who had a pitch- perfect understanding of her audience. She has hosted more than 500 TV shows, made 400 guest appearance and become one of the most watched women on British TV. She’s about to receive the special award from Bafta in recognition of all those talents. She doesn’t do controversial.

And yet, all of a sudden she is sailing very close to the wind. “I don’t want to see older people on TV,” she says bluntly, when asked whether she would ever return to the small screen that she has dominated during a career lasting more than half a century. “I want to see young, pretty people on TV.”

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