Harry’s Shack: restaurant review | Jay Rayner

Harry’s Shack teeters on the edge of Northern Ireland’s north coast. But its many fans flock here come rain or shine

118 Strand Road, Portstewart, Northern Ireland (028 7083 1783). Meal for two, including drinks and service: £50

Last December, Harry’s Shack, at Portstewart on Northern Ireland’s north coast, issued a stark warning via Facebook. “It is simply not safe to come near us,” it said. “Do not even attempt it.” I can think of no other restaurant in the United Kingdom which would actively describe itself as mad, bad and dangerous to know; then again I can think of no other restaurant like Harry’s Shack. A ferocious winter storm, with winds fattened up across 1,000 miles or more of the North Atlantic, was bringing the sea up the beach, over the car park and to the very door. That day the restaurant didn’t just have a view; it risked becoming a part of it.

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