How Kids Company feeds Britain’s hungry children

Every week, thousands of children rely on Kids Company for their main meal of the day. They come to be fed, to learn how to cook, and to find a safe place to be a child

Late afternoon in a south London kitchen, and the evening meal is being prepared. As in so many kitchens it’s an opportunity for a chat.

“What’s a good thing to eat at home when you haven’t got much food?” asks Susie Cunningham, one of the Kids Company therapeutic support workers who helps run the nightly afterschool cooking classes. Around the table are three 11-year-old girls, and Toby, a quiet little blond boy who’s seven. They’re getting their hands mucky, turning out homemade fish fingers by dipping pieces of raw cod in beaten eggs they have cracked themselves, and then dredging them through breadcrumbs.

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