Janetira Thai: restaurant review | Jay Rayner

The ‘Super Duper Spicy’ mackerel curry at this restaurant is so ferociously fiery, you’ll need to wash your hair. Worth it though, says Jay Rayner

Janetira Thai, 28 Brewer Street, London W1(020 7434 3777). No booking. Meal for two £60

The night before I visited Janetira Thai for lunch I washed my hair. This is a big job. It requires an official notice to the water company and an amber alert from the Met Office. Still, I thought it necessary. If everything I had read was correct, I was going to be eating a dish of such uncommon chilli heat and power that my body was likely to deliver an involuntary response, far beyond the hiccups and pain most people associate with a major dose of capsaicin.

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