Norse (at Baltzersen’s): restaurant review

A group of young chefs have taken over an old coffee house in Harrogate – and their message could not be clearer

22 Oxford Street, Harrogate (01423 202 363). Meal for two, including drinks and service: £100

Sometimes you have no choice but to abandon the cynicism, even when a restaurant is asking for it. And Norse in Harrogate was asking for it. Honestly, its website couldn’t have done more to make me roll my eyes short of connecting electrodes to my ocular muscles. The problem is that while pretentious, mannered restaurant design costs a lot of money, pretentious, mannered website design doesn’t. Find someone with overly grandiose ideas and an approach to the English language which would make only the author of some Game of Thrones fan fiction feel frisky, put them in charge of a mouse and keyboard and, hurrah, you have the Norse website.

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