OFM Awards 2015 best restaurant: The Palomar

There’s brilliant food and a perfect night out at the cosmopolitan London restaurant that ‘just can’t help having a family feel’

All restaurants have their recipes, a combination of ingredients engineered to show the punters as good a time as possible. Most of those recipes stay in the kitchen. Our Restaurant of the Year, voted for by the readers of OFM, has a recipe that fills the whole space. “I’ve been working in open kitchens these past seven years and I don’t know any other way,” says Tomer Amedi, head chef of the Palomar on London’s Rupert Street. “I like to make a connection with people.”

Since it opened in the summer of 2014, the Palomar has become renowned not just for its food, a brilliant, unselfconscious tangle of Mediterranean flavours and influences, but for what can only be called the “vibe” around the long counter up front. There’s the clatter of dishes thrust across the bar at diners, the call and response of head chef and cooks, not to mention the occasional shots of anise-flavoured arak, poured by Amedi and thrown back by diners and brigade alike with the Hebrew toast: “Here’s to life, good fortune and lots of healthy sex.”

We do what we do for our guests. No one else

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