OFM Awards 2015 outstanding achievement: Jude Ragan and Djalma Lucio Polli de Carvalho

The inspirational chef and school head who took a fresh look at the dietary needs of autistic children, and changed their pupils lives for the better

Many people launching a new food venture hope their work will eventually be recognised or publicly acknowledged. The winners of the OFM Award for Outstanding Achievement didn’t think about prizes or headlines. They did what they did because they believed it was what the children in their care needed and deserved.

That changed when OFM wrote about the impact of the new lunch offering at Queensmill, a west London school for children with autism which presents them with severe challenges. Our report became one of our most shared articles on social media. Our readers were just extraordinarily moved by the effort and determination of two people: Jude Ragan, the then head teacher of the school, and the trained chef she had hired to revolutionise their lives, Djalma Lucio Polli de Carvalho – or Lucio for short.

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