Saltwood on the Green: restaurant review | Jay Rayner

The late Alan Clark’s castle is close to the pleasing Saltwood on the Green. But would they have let him in?

I have always associated the village of Saltwood near Hythe in Kent with a certain kind of agreeable louchness. This is because it is home to Saltwood Castle, inhabited by the late Alan Clark MP until his death in 1999, when he insisted on being buried in its grounds. Politically, Clark was to the right of Genghis Khan, and could say things that would make your bottom jaw fall so slack it seemed to have become dislocated from the rest of your skull. Referring to Africa as “bongo-bongo land” sticks in the memory. Racism aside, he did rather add to the gaiety of nations. In 1992 he retired as an MP and published his diaries, but missed the Commons so much he stood again for election in 1997.

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