Tefal Cook4Me review: another gadget for the cupboard?

It claims to be an ‘intelligent multicooker that cooks for you’ but the results are more miss than hit

The road to dinner is paved with disappointing inventions. Every cook has them, the piece of kit they were convinced would revolutionise their kitchen, only for it to add to the clutter. The Tefal Cook4Me has clutter written all over it. Certainly, if you judge it by its claims for itself as an “Intelligent multicooker that cooks for you” it’s an abject failure. It no more cooks for you than your stove will. You still have to chop the onions. You still have to brown the meat. You still have to stir the pot.

It does have functionality, however, even though it takes a while to work out exactly what that functionality might be, for the accompanying literature is rather coy. Eventually I clock that the Cook4Me is a pressure cooker – a term never used in the instruction manual – with a heating element and, on the front, a whizzy computer interface with about as much processing power as a high-end mobile phone circa 1997. It comes pre-loaded with 50 recipes. The idea is that you dial up your chosen recipe – chilli con carne say, or beef and ale casserole – and it will guide you through the process from start to finish, from listing ingredients through browning of meat to the final cook.

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